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Life has been pretty busy lately, which makes for a dusty camera, and that’s just  not ok.  Going forward I’m going to have a at least one day a week where I get back to my adventure roots.  A hippy day where I jump in the car and see where the road takes me. Until then, here are some pics I have taken to hold us all over.  


Life in the Desert

Life in the Desert

I finally got to tick off some bucket list items last month.  We traveled to Sedona, AZ and then up to Page, AZ.  
It was of course very warm there…thank god for Hydro Flasks!  


Then we headed to Page, AZ to go visit Lower & upper Antelope Canyon as well as Horseshoe Bend.  I’ve waited a long time to visit these places!!

Lower Antelope you have to descend into the slot Canyon.  It’s very steep and there were some tricky moments, but every bit of it was worth it.  

Upper Antelope is a one ended opening that you walk in and out of.  Upper is known for its light beams. More than likely if you’ve seen an Antelope Canyon pic, it’s of that!  

Horseshoe Bend

This was not a pull off the side of the road and go look over the edge kind of visit.  There’s a nice walk to get to the actual Canyon, but worth every minute!

And then here are some goofy not attractive pics from our adventures:

I’ve seen some things

I’ve seen some things

Hello 🙂 2017 has been a busy one…but I have been able to capture some amazing  sights.  Check it out, let me know what you think!

Scottsbluff, NE

There isn’t much happening in Scottsbluff, except for the drive to the bluff…and some awesome Chinese food.  

Swampscott, MA

Visiting my mom…and the beach this January

And now for Colorado adventures…

And it’s not fun without your people…

Trent + Sara

I met Sara a few years ago, and immediately knew she was someone I’d have in my life forever.  She’s the quirkiest person I’ve ever met…and also one of the most loving.  

Trent and Sara met a bit ago and love bloomed quickly between these two.  They are the perfect yin to each other’s yang. 

They decided to have a low key ceremony in their home.  They were surrounded by family, friends, fur babies, and lots of love.  Enjoy some of my favorites from their day

Trent + Sara

Tribal Life

Tribal Life

I’ve been blessed to have met many amazing  people during my lifetime.  Those people have shaped who I am and I will forever be grateful to them.  

I celebrate the passing of 2016 with a post dedicated to my current tribe.  We’ve had quite a year, jam packed with laughter and travel.  I can’t wait to see what 2017 holds for us

First up.  New Years Eve.  Denver Botanical Gardens.

Brennan & Autumn 😍

Snap chat…I look way too much like Tracy!


Kristen walking on the beach in Washington 

This was our first Thanksgiving all living together.  This is me trying to take a nice photo, not realizing the button to my pj pants was not buttoned thus giving them a show.  They are laughing at me.  Like normal. 

A very serious pumpkin carver here

Our beauty queen, Elise.  

Photographing a wedding

Marc and I seeing The Zombies

Brennan’s bday…and apparently dress like Kristen day

Palace of fine Arts San Francisco 

They were brave and drove Lombard St

Dark day… dropped my coffee.  Was not happy about it.  Was a crabby pants that day

We spent over an hour amongst these cypress trees with a tripod. So much fun

Muir Woods 

Floating like a boss in Lake Tahoe

They were troopers…probs did this 30 times

Oh these floating heads…

It seems like we like to touch each other’s butts. Maybe a little…

  We are in Yosemite National Park

Brennan sitting amongst the giants

This also took forever.  If they’d just listen and focus haha

Brainard Lake.  Spent the day swimming in the lake behind us

When your friends aren’t posing as you’d like…you just make them laugh

This is silly…but I was holding all our id’s to get 4 Margaritas…and it looked like the Brady bunch

Our attempts at light painting in the living room.  This word because we couldn’t get the names down

Obviously Elise understands the concept of drawing a heart and I don’t 

Brennan giving some science lesson on pinecones…😴🙄

Mimosa’s with Marc

Kelly & Joelle

Kelly & Joelle

I was honored to be a part of Kelly & Joelle’s beautiful wedding 10/1/2016 at the Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, CO.  

I did not know the couple very well, but what I quickly learned is that they are surrounded by lots of love!  I’ve never witnessed attendees lining up to give a congratulatory speech before, I was in complete awe.  

Not only have I walked away with some new friends, I now have major relationship goals that rival what these two have achieved. 

Enjoy some of my favorite pictures from their day.  


California Dreaming

California Dreaming

My tribe and I decided a quick easy-going getaway to California was exactly what we needed.  If you know anything about us, the words easy-going really aren’t in our vocabulary.  As you’ll see below…we did a few things on this trip!  

Getting 5 peeps to the airport for a 7am is no easy task.  We did it, even with a Starbucks run!

First up:  drove across Cali to Sequoia National Park.  Fun fact:  Sequoia’s are wider around and Redwoods are taller.  You are welcome.  

So we took the General Sherman Trail down to see its namesake.  None of the pictures you’ll see will even give you the full scope of how magnificent these trees are.  

Next:  Yosemite National Park.  I would really like to come back here when 1) it’s off season 2) I have more time.  Trying to navigate around the park was difficult when you had 5 opinions as to where you should go and millions of other visitors in your way.  Despite all of the that we had an incredible day/night there!

We came back and did some night photography

Unfortunately there was a pretty bright moon that night…however I was able to get a shadow from the trees, almost looked like daylight!

This next picture was purely by accident.  I was a second or two into a long exposure.  Park rangers pulled someone over to the left of the picture and I was peeved because I thought that pic was now ruined.  It actually turned out pretty cool, it looks like an infrared filter or something but it’s just the red & blue lights flashing together 

Next up:  Lake Tahoe.  This was the most beautiful lake I’ve ever been to.  If it weren’t for all the tourists (haha…like us) I’d love to live there.  

We decided this day would be an all water day, so we got an earlier start and somehow managed to find a little private cove that became ours for the day.  

Next up:  the coast/Point Reyes National Seashore/Cypress tree tunnel. 

The Cypress Tree tunnel is something I had found on instagram and have always wanted to go there.  It’s not even a point of interest per say it’s off the beaten path! 

We set up the tripod and spent a lot of time playing.  

From there we drove on to Point Reyes 

Next up:  Muir Woods.  This was perfect after many days of going going.  It was full of trees and was so peaceful.  

And then last but certainly not least…San Fran!

So…there you have it.  It was an amazing trip!



“I want to be magic.  I want to touch the heart of the world and make it smile.  I want to be a friend of Elves and live in a tree.  Or under a hill.  I want to marry a moonbeam and hear the stars sing.  I don’t want to pretend at magic anymore.  I want to be magic.” –Charles De Lint

{no butterflies were hurt making this photo.  In fact, I saved this little butterfly’s life.  He had gotten blown into the lake, so I scooped him out of there.    Here I was drying his little wings. So yea, I’m a magical hero, damnit!} 



One of my photography bucket list items has been carnival rides.  There’s a mix of nostalgia for my childhood and a love of juxtaposition between lights and sky.  
So, the county fair has come to town.  And it’s summer in Colorado…which leads to stormy/amazing skies.  And boom…magic happened.

As you’ll see…the Ferris Wheel was clearly the winner, but the swings were fun too.  

June already?

June already?

How did it get to be the middle of June already?  Living for adventure everyday!  Enjoy my journeys 🙂

i feel like this looks like a person laying in the water…or i could be crazy!

playing down by the water

elise viewing the mountains

Boulder Theater!

just me and sparkly converse by the river!

my attempt at merging pictures

my spirit chocolate

raindrops on the sunroof


Slow Caves

In the Whale

Denver Art Museum

being fancy with bottomless mimosa’s