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little girl

Dear Heather age 8,
Hi there sweet girl. It’s you 23 years later. I hope you are doing ok and are happy! I haven’t been in a long time, but I’m getting there. I’m not gonna lie, I miss playing with barbies. That was the most fun I think I ever had. As I think about it now, they allowed us to escape and become someone else. It sounds horrible,
because we didn’t have a bad childhood! We were so spoiled and loved…yet we still craved attention? Why was that? Oh, and the dreams we had. Wow. All you ever wanted to do was sing in front of people and have them love your voice. You don’t care who you sing in front of now…but just wait. There will come a time when you cannot imagine singing in front of strangers. You still sing all the time, though. Mostly in your car. Remember your dreams of a fairytale life, getting married & being a princess? Well, not to burst your bubble, but life certainly is NOT a fairytale. Please don’t assume there is just one great love in your life. You will waste an awful lot of time living within that illusion. We are still single, but that’s ok. I know that we will find someone amazing…and who thinks we are equally as amazing. I know you think that the friends you have now are the cats meow…well, ok they are. But, there are so many new ones that you are going to meet. They are going to change your life. Some will break your heart, and some will pick up those broken pieces. From now on I am going to try to invoke some of your vitality, fearlessness, and disillusions and mix it with my life experience and knowledge. We are going to make it work, kid. After all, we are all that we’ve got. I love you.

technology, manners, and tv…oh my


I had a really interesting conversation with a customer the other day. We were discussing technology and it’s effects on our society. I feel that socialization is/will suffer due to technology. Think of all the things you can now do on the Internet. Dating, Sex, Shopping, watch movies, etc. You don’t need to leave your house anymore!
I am worried for the children today, because they have no chance! Being able to have a conversation with someone is extremely important. I feel like a child’s morals, manners, etc are all going to be shaped by computers, television, etc. That’s really scary! Obviously a child’s parents will play a role in shaping them, but at some point, outside forces will take over.
If you know me personally, you know I work for Blockbuster Video. Being in the business for 10 years now, I’ve seen a huge decline. Netflix and Redbox have been our biggest challenges. Gone are the days when the rental experience was so much more than just bringing home a movie. It was also getting greeted by that familiar face behind the counter. It was knowing that the employee and you share favorite movies and you know they’ll pick a good one for you. It is critiquing titles and debating over what titles are best. Don’t get me wrong, there are still lots of those people that still come in, but the number is rapidly declining. Life gets in the way and makes us all speed up. There is no longer time for the little things, we must have it all 10 minutes ago!
I guess what I am trying to say is lets all take a breath and slow our rolls for a hot minute. Life is way to short to sweat the little stuff. Get off the computer…go take a walk and meet people. Turn off the TV and read a book.
To my close friends who know me, they’ve probably gotten a good chuckle out of those last two sentences, but I do truly feel this way. I don’t want to look back over my life and see that I focused on things that weren’t very important.



I didn’t really have any serendipitous moments today…I think
life is just one long moment of serendipity.

serendipity. look for something, find something else,
and realize that what you’ve found
more suited to your needs than what you
thought you were looking for
It’s a great word, isn’t it? I think I love it because of it’s possibilities. How wonderful is it to know that there is a path for all of us. There is a plan. Can the plan change, however? There are so many options in our life, which is the right one? I think thats where is all comes together…it all happens for a reason. I tell myself that everyday.
With all the driving I did today, I thought a lot about my current situation. My mind & body want change so much, that I keep coming up with crazy ideas! Tattoo, moving to another state, etc. My mind then goes to the crazy place…what is my destiny?
Is this something that I want to do just for something different, or is this the right direction? It all very “Sliding Doors” and one could literally go insane. My plan for now is just go with the flow…and live in the moment. As much as I want to look into a magical crystal ball and know that it’s all for a purpose, and that things are SO much brighter down the road…it’s these bumps that are going to allow the brightness of tomorrow.
Tomorrow is going to be a artsy/hang with cats day. That sounds quite random, but such is my life.

The Beginning


This will be short & sweet. It’s 1:10am and I’m not quite sure why this exact moment was chosen to begin this blog.
I tend to not ask questions lately, because life certainly has a way of throwing me for a loop. I took this picture @ High Rock (Pennsylvania/Maryland border). I stared at the rock for longer than I really should’ve. I loved that these amazing words were mixed with all types of graffiti. It’s like someone went up there one day, read all the crap that people write, and knew that I’d be there one day, wondering what my purpose in life is, how do I go about making MY dreams a reality, and spray painting it there. Thank you for leaving me that message, I really needed it.