Monthly Archives: July 2010

Houston…we have a problem


Jason and I woke our asses up early this beautiful Saturday morning to go join Weight Watchers. Yes, this is a good thing! The problem is: as soon as the meeting was over, we went through McDonald's drive through for breakfast! I don't even like McDonald's! (Well…I do enjoy a Mcgriddle, whomever invented those should be shot).

I have definitely made the first step and am proud of that…but really? McDonald's?


Well I've added my 13 point breakfast to my list and will not dwell on it. At least I ate breakfast! That is rare!

Ok accountability time: I've gained 40lbs since losing my job and moving to Silver Spring. I worked really hard before and have just gained back all the hard work. Again…not dwelling…just move forward and change!

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Life In A Day


How great is that? I really really want to be a part of this. Not that my life is anymore interesting than the next person (hence my 1 follower on this blog! haha) but I still think it would be awesome to be a part of it.

Alexis & Brian


Hopefully this works…I’ve tried to embed video’s before and wasn’t so successful. Anyways, this is a “trailer” for the wedding video for my cousin Brian & his beautiful wife Alexis’s wedding. How cool is that? It was a beautiful day…enjoy.

Alexis + Brian from Kat Small on Vimeo.



Who would've thought that there would be some "food for thought" in a snickers bar! How funny!

I am currently in Florida for my cousins wedding. I went swimming today for the first time this summer! It extremely hot here and I was sort of hoping for a refreshing dip, but alas, the water was about 90 degrees! I'm sure there will be more pictures to follow!

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