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Zion & Bryce Canyon National Park

Zion & Bryce Canyon National Park

In the beginning of April, 5 friends piled into two cars and headed west.  We stayed in a very interesting airb&b, which was on a farm.  There were turkeys and peacocks that we got to listen to at all hours of the day and night.  In fact, we developed a  high pitched call of our own to communicate with them.  We had a random dance party (Celtic dancers would be so jealous!), and so much laughter.  

We also visited two of the most amazing National Parks I’ve ever seen.  Three days of hiking, exploring, being stuck in mud, subsequently falling in mud, and lots of picture taking later, we had a fantastic trip.  Here are some pictures from our adventure!

Our home for three days:

We bundled up and played under the stars:

The crew. They put up with my photo shenanigans!  

“Let’s do a sad face pic”. Not sure why I go all gangsta in the back?